Get to know Nadia – Nadia’s Biography

August 11th, 2011

Nadia Farés, born in Marrakech Morocco on December 20, 1973 is the daughter of a Morrocan father and Armenian mother and is an actress in the French Cinema.

Nadia made her debut on screen in the telefilm “L’EXIL” in 1991. She started on the silver screen in 1992 with the comedy “LES AMIS DE MA FEMME” directed by Didier Cauvalaert; but it was in “ELLES NíOUBLIENT JAMAIS” by Christopher Frank, in 1994 that Nadia was first noticed by the larger public where she portrays the poisonous role of Angela, who is enamoured by Thierry Lhermite.

The year after the young actress plays in the Italian drama “POLIZZI”, then with Director Alain Arcady in “DIS MOI OUI”.  Transitioning with ease from serious to comedic roles, she was part of the prestigious cast of “HOMMES FEMMES, MODE DíEMPLOI” by Claude Lelouche.

In 1997 she performed a leading role in “LES DEMONS DE JESUS” by Bernie Bonvoisin. In this film she plays Mary, sister of the Family; a daunting role with which she refined her image as a ‘hard boiled cutie pie’. Two years later the same director asked her to star in his film “LES GRANDES BOUCHES”.

After a short detour to do voiceover work for the animated film “LE CHATEAU DES  SINGES” she made her return to character acting in the role of the enigmatic Fanny for the thriller “LES RIVIERS POURPRES” by Matthieu Kassovitz.  Strong and determined, she has established herself as one of the major female action stars France has ever produced;  confirmed by her leading role in “NIDS DE GUEPES”.

In 2004 Nadia played the manipulative wife, fascinated by crime, in the dark comedy “POUR LE PLAISIR”. In the same vein she played a wacky press agent infatuated with Thiery Lhermite in “LíEX FEMME DE MA VIE”.

To date Nadia has had a colourful and celebrated film career in France, but with her foray into the world of music with the release of the new full-length album “MOMENTUM”, it’s easy to see where she’s headed next… ANYWHERE she sets her sites!