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New CD, Video, Website and more!

French born triple-threat Nadia Fares has a new album, video and website… but instead of doing the usual press tour, Nadia has decided to reach out to her fans online and via myriad social networks. She now lives in Los Angeles and has even considered hosting a livestream to get fans excited about the new disc. Continue reading

Interview with Nadia – Part 1 of 2


Recently, Nadia gave an open and honest interview about where she came from, what inspires her and what plans she has for “Momentum” and beyond… Click here for Part I of this candid and revealing lens into the heart and soul of Nadia Fares. Continue reading

Nadia Hits USA with “Momentum”


Nadia’s new full length CD album “Momentum” is fresh, new and hypnotic… just what the music scene needs today. She delivers every track with an elegant style and contemporary sound that transcends musical and geographical borders. Click Here and listen to “Momentum” now. Continue reading

Get to know Nadia – Nadia’s Biography

Nadia’s been in the public eye and on the silver screen throughout Europe and beyond for more than a decade. Click here to read Nadia’s condensed biography. Continue reading